What is FRC?

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an annual robotics game mainly directed at high school students, but also provides programs for younger students. In FRC, a game and it’s set of rules are simultaneously revealed on the first Saturday of January. After this, we are given a six week build season to make and complete a robot. While making our robot, before build season comes to an end we are able to hold back parts of our robot we think we need to work and improve upon. At the end of build season when the robot is fully complete, we place the robot in safe keeping until the competition. While the robot is stored away, we continue to work by planning and strategizing on what to do next. The competitions themselves take place for a six week period. To conclude the season and all of its hard work, the world championships are held.


Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving each competitor as a result of the competition.

FIRST stands for First Inspirational and Recognition in Science and Technology. It was founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers in 1989. It has served countless of young men and women since, many of whom come back to mentor teams and volunteer with robotics competitions.