About Us

The Vacaville High School Robotics, also known as Team 2085 or Robodogs, is a robotics team that competes in First Robotics Competition of FRC. The team was originally created in order to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Robotics was founded by Mr. David Morton and Mr. Phil ¨Mr. J¨ Jenshke founded in 2006. Sadly, Mr. J’s last season with us was in 2017. After Mr. J had left, Mr. Morton took his spot as our mentor. Now as we enter our 13th season under Mr. David Morton, along with us we have Richard Reece, Christian Porter, Austin Haddox, and Brian Kim, who guide us during build season.

We start off the school year with pre-season preparation, occurring from August to December. During this time, we find new members to join our team, providing simple training for them accompanied by old members. After pre-season, we have our build season every first Saturday of January, known as the kickoff. The kickoff is an event wherein FIRST releases the game for competition, here we compete with teams from all over the states. After competing, we enter the post-season. In post-season, we reflect what could have been improved and what’s new during the competitions.